Friday, 19 March 2010

Being Bipolar Part Six – Hope

Hope is something that is very important to me personally. I sometimes wonder where it comes from. It seems to be more of a state of mind for me. I retain hope when all seems black at some levels. I don’t know if I am alone in this experience. Logically, I would think that hope comes from a real expectation that things will get better. I seem to stay hopeful even when things may seem hopeless. I think that hope has kept me going through adversity, through the times when I have had to start my life over.

I don’t have a really strong idea of the future. If I did have any idea, I could possibly understand why I retain hope. It is that spark which helps you to get through each day, each week and the rest of your life. I may not understand it but I am very grateful that I have hope.

It doesn’t have much to do with the verb “to hope”. That is a more practical thing. “I hope it goes well” or “I hope you feel better soon”. The noun “hope” is so much more. Hopefulness and hopelessness are also more practical concepts.

Hope is such a difficult thing to write about. It is an extremely personal thing. I know from talking to friends that I am not alone in my experience of hope. Please post your comments and your views on hope. I like that my blog entries generate some discussion. I hope you found this blog thought provoking. I hope I don’t burn my bacon next time !!



  1. for me, the lack of hope is part of my experience of black depression but by definition - I am still here! - I must have always had the hope that things that would get better which they have/are the wiki definition is helpful see David p.s. turn the grill down!

  2. I have a hope now in my life. It is to find the happiness we had before. it is a big kind of hope for me. There is so much going on that it is hard to see what I am hoping for. But there is hope regardless. There are so many good reasons for us to be happy. My hope is something obtainable also. It just may take some working on.


  3. Hope is elusive for me. I've been through so many med changes to find a solution to my depression that I've lost hope that I will ever get help. Your post is inspiring and I will try to learn from it. I always appreciate your wonderful attitude.


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