Friday, 11 February 2011

10 Most Misunderstood Mental Health Disorders

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  1. Interesting post. Thanks for re-posting.

    One advise tho: good to give a link to the source so it's easy for your readers to hop over there without having to search the web and it will definitely please the source as well, which is important too!

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  2. i was glad to see their statements on Tourette's. As a parent of two w/this disorder, it can get tiring trying to explain, they don't cuss, you don't have to protect your child from mine and that it isn't a choice, it's not a 'mental' condition that will go away with therapy and it IS a neurological condition.

  3. As you have given the 10 most misunderstood mental health disorders. I totally agreed with you such that these are common 10 misunderstandings. And they are true.

  4. These 10 Most Misunderstood Mental Health Disorders is good to everyone to know that we should be aware for the food that we eat. having a healthy body is good for the long living in this world.

  5. Right, oft times, when we hear that someone has a mental health issue, we think that the person is crazy, or out of his mind, and so. But that is not the case, all of the time. :-)
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  6. This is such a helpful resource especially for those who are suffering or have family or friends that are suffering from these mental disorders. There are a lot misconceptions when it comes to mental diseases and this definitely helps dispel some of those.

  7. Thank you for sharing.It is good for everyone toknow our dissoredrs and to cope with them.we should also be aware of what we eat.

    1. I loved you post because if I hadn't read 'Bolesno Grinje', I would have been misled. You are so right in all the points you raised. staggered was cruelty masqueraded as tradition.

  8. Posting it is very needed because every human being today want this information. Keep it up. Good luck and thanks for posting.


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