Sunday, 11 December 2011

A New Strictly Come Dancing Fan - a definite sign of a mood swing

I was never a fan of Strictly Come Dancing. I admit to watching the weekday updates on occasions in the past. I have watched the latest series religiously and also the weekday updates. It was amazing how quickly I got hooked. It is certainly not due to the geriatric Bruce Forsythe who should have been pensioned off by now. I can't tell a Waltz from an American Smooth or a Pasa Doble from a Tango. Maybe it's the nice outfits? Maybe it's Holly Valance' legs? The latter is more likely. I actually enjoy the show. The exceptional dances make me smile, not for technique but for the performances. The judges are hilarious. I find myself caring who gets eliminated. I never vote, by the way. I don't know why I am blogging about Strictly. Maybe I have finally lost the plot. it is just a demonstration that I still find joy in something in my otherwise anxious mess of a life. Something can still make me smile and even get emotional. I am just saying that you should stick with things you like. It can brighten otherwise dark days.

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  1. Whatever it takes - there is a world to choose from. Jeremy Kyle if ur that sad - TV, DVD, CDs, books, art, crafts, ur local library, museum, art gallery, health centre, leisure centre.... Man, there ain't enough hours in a day......I thank Bruce Forsyth OBE for brightening ur world, Clive, but I WON'T be watching. I have a heavy hand on the off-switch where tv is concerned..infinite channels of cr*p... they should be ashamed, when u consider what they could be broadcasting. Lecture ends. CLICK


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