Sunday, 14 June 2009

9 Myths of Bipolar Disorder (Comment on Psych Central)

I appreciate someone’s effort in compiling these 9 myths. It might be good for discussion at a dinner party. I have been bipolar for 27 years at least. I agree that I am not crazy but I admit to acting crazy on occasions. I may not be on medication for the rest of my life but not many doctors would support me in stopping. I would need to be in a controlled environment. I stopped my meds twice with disastrous consequences. I never stopped because of feeling better. It was because of side effects or because my life was in turmoil. I certainly hope that something I have taken explains my weight ballooning. I would have like some examples of Atypical antipsychotoics. Finally, the tenth myth is that anyone knows a damn thing about Bipolar Disorder.

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  1. First of all don't feel ashamed to ask for help!Patients who are suffering from this sort of medical condition ought to be given professional medical attention as soon as possible. This type of disorder generally cannot be cured, but it can be treated. This is why most doctors usually prescribe medication as main option to treat the disease, even if therapies like psychotherapy and electroconvulsive therapy, which is used occasionally, can also prove effective in the case of patients suffering from this disorder. For most patients suffering from Bipolar Disorder the medication treatment is meant to regulate their moods. Source


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