Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Knowing what I want

I have been struggling lately. I called my pdoc's secretary yesterday and managed to talk to my pdoc. This helped in itself and she agreed to see me today. At that point, I knew what I wanted to talk about at the appointment.

By a strange coincidence, I changed to Seroquel XL (extended release)last night. I am not sure if the doctor had requested this on a precription. This morning has been a lot better than recent ones, but it is only one morning.

Time with a doctor is limited and it is important to know what you want or expect. It is not always as simple as it might seem. I wish I knew the answer. I guess I need to work out my priorities, such as getting help with my sleep.

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  1. But what were you on before? Normal Seroquel just at night? That's the one I want if the risperidone I'm on doesn't work out.


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