Friday, 11 March 2011

My Mood - A Work-in-Progress

I feel great. Not powered by hypomania or random chemical imbalances {maybe a touch LOL}. Wednesday I hit zero on the mood scale. I still don't "get" these mood swings after 27 years plus. I do know they can work for you or badly against you. I told my psychiatrist recently that I sometimes wish I was a bit less mentally driven (tries to not be offensive).

I had one of those all too rare moments of clarity after I turned into bed yesterday. I was so excited that I got up and worked on the computer for an hour more. I even set up a new facebook group. I think it all came out of a good day of on-line therapy, mostly chatting with my recent friend Dale in Australia.

Sometimes talking stuff over makes it clearer. Sometimes not !!

My breakthrough may not be earth shattering but for me it was that "Eureka Moment". The apple fell well and truly on my thick skull. I realized that much of my malaize is due to an irrational need to have a regular life, to "have a life" in more brutal terms.. I had this Rose Tinted view of what life should be. Nothing else would ever be enough. Because of my situation, nothing was going to change unless I did something to make it happen. Friends were more likely to back off further, rather than come closer.

I have to make a life for myself. I have done this before when I lived in a new area and I have done it for a group of bipolar friends. The crux of my idea was a Facebook Group to allow 50 somethings to meet and arrange social and sports activities. Why should social networking be something for the young? I live on facebook, so why shouldn't I use it to my advantage. The trick will be in getting people to join !!

Have a great weekend !!

Welcome to the:

South Warwickshire Young Farts Activity Club S.W.Y.F.A.C.


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  1. I understand completely about wanting to have a normal life, be with friends, etc.....even though I have friends, I don't see them that much as they have NORMAL lives, are married with kids, I am not, etc. While they do their best to support me, I have always felt left out due to my illness....


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