Sunday, 15 March 2009

The author summary for my book

Author Summary: Clive Edwards

The author led an orthodox but controlled life until the age of 18. Clive Edwards was not physically abused but his demeanour was affected by his early home life. He was to been seen but not heard and he eventually believed that. It planted itself in his psyche. His university years brought some joy but he was still that shy youth. This continued into his twenties and he had no girlfriend by the time he was 32. He made a brave decision to work in Saudi Arabia and that shook his world. He made some real money and visited the United States for the first time.

During his time in Saudi Arabia, he had back surgery, had his first manic episode and was locked in a mental ward. This was within a two month period. He returned to England but later worked in the USA for fifteen years.

In the first months in LA, he sought a diagnosis and found one after a three month search. He moved to LA with his future first wife who he later divorced. He met his second wife in LA and married/divorced/remarried her. He survived a chaotic personal life against a background of Bipolar Disorder.

He returned to England and tried to find work. It became too stressful and he settled for early retirement after his mother passed away in 2007. He lives alone in a small flat in his home town. Most of his friends are in cyberspace. Despite all this, he has never been more positive and hopeful for the future.

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