Friday, 6 March 2009

A Great TV series...worth a look

This must be a first. A blog outside the hours of 2am to 6am. Two fellow tweeters recommended an older tv series that I had missed first time round. It was a six part mini series called "Takin over the Asylum" from BBC Scotland (thanks Karen) . I put it on my Lovefilm list and watched the first three episodes straight through today. It was probably the best tv I have seen in many a year. It includes two of my favorite actors, David Tennant and Ken Stott. David's performance as a manic depressive was eerily insightful and I should know, having been there more than once. I am not sure you can be so insightful about your own full mania, but it is possible with hypomania. He was representing the higher end of the hypomania range and I felt quite calm as I watched him. A curious experience.

The whole representation of a mental hospital was so true, the characters and the issues. It wasn't at all judgmental. It wasn't a caracature in the slightest. There may be reasons why it is not repeated occasionally but I say it deserves it. There are not many sympathetic portrayals of mental patients. I am doing my best to demystify and debunk the subject of Bipolar Disorder (formerly manic depression). This program does a lot of the things I am attempting from the Bipolar perspective. I can't wait until I get the second DVD early next week.

That's all I can manage since I am heading for a landing. Been up 19 hours again. Hardly stopped to draw breath. It's on Lovefilm if any one is interested in mental health or even good drama.
Take Care....

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