Sunday, 22 March 2009

Back to the blog coal face

Two whole days without a blog. I have been concentrating on finishing my book materials and I plan to pass everything to my publisher this week. I am definitely going to do it ! I have also been trying to chill more and trying to take the edge off the tendency to mania. I have been reaching a point where it is just my personality. I have no idea what my personality is any more.

My scheme where I go to bed later is working. I am waking with the birds rather than way before them. The sun comes up quite soon after I wake up and have breakfast. Now my story is soon to be in the hands of the publisher, I might be inspired to blog more.

I see my chiropractor and massage therapist on Wednesday. They have done wonders for me in the last nine months. This time last year, I was a physical wreck and I could hardly get around my flat. On Thursday, I see my psychiatrist. I brought forward my appointment because of recent sleep problems. As usual the symptoms have subsided while I await the appointment. That is often the way.

I hope to finally get off lithium this week. I don't think my dosage can be reduced any more. Falling below the therapeutic level of lithium has really changed my life. I noticed it as long ago as November as my dosage was reduced. My friends always said how lithium dulled your brain. I was never convinced until my dosage was reduced in a controlled way. I led a reasonable life in the first ten years of lithium but maybe it could have been better.

I am now buzzing with creativity. I have never experienced anything like it. I have written 34 pages of blogs in the months of February and March. Most of it was written in the wee small hours and some of it even makes sense.

I need to concentrate on the physical issues for a while. My weight creeps up gradually. I feel and look really fat. My fitness level is at an all time low and it doesn't seem to respond to any work. My mental state has never been so much at odds with my physical state. I am sure I would have approached full mania apart from my lack of fitness.

Now my book is on the way, I must concentrate on the physical side.


  1. I don't really know that much about lithium but I've always heard zombie stories about it. Keep me updated on the book! :P)

  2. Madam,
    Believe me, lithium bites your butt. I hope to be finally off this week depending on whether doc goes from 200 mg to 100mg. I don't see the point really. I am below the therapeutic range.

    I will be sure to keep updates about the book on the blog. I send the final manuscript by Friday. Best guess is by July for publication.



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