Monday, 2 March 2009

Feeling Sad or maybe just exhausted

I hope this works. I have had a few error messages today.

I typed all this into a forum on I see why there are no new entries! All is not lost. I cut and paste it to my blog.

I have started having heavy naps at about 2pm and I sleep 2-3 hours. I don't wake up very happy. Playing music doesn't break the fog. I have managed to stay up til 10pm for thre days straight. It hasn't helped my waking time. I have been up for almost 19 hours today. I must have something which wakes me up, whether externai or in my confused brain. I have had some odd Groundhog Day dreams and I felt like I had to wake up.

I feel a bit of an anti-climax after finishing the draft of my story. I am very happy and proud (not so much right now). I have about 16 copies out for reading and I have protected the copyright today. I have some responses and all positive. I just don't realise that everyone has busy lives and cannot dedicate time to read something. I guess I am very impatient.

I have some ideas for additions to my story where I had missed out important events. Not always bipolar related but important to the story. I need to maintain a balance otherwise I will sound like the last 27 years was totally miserable.

I have been going through a lot of photos with a view to providing more on They also fit in with the story. I found a lot of happy photos.

I am rambling more than normal so I will sign off and see if this saves.

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