Saturday, 14 February 2009

A Lucid Dream?

Yesterday, I could not wake up properly. I had more medication than normal but it does not usually affect me that way. I ended the day by having a lay down on my bed. I had the radio playing in the next room when I dozed off. I dreampt about driving three friends in a big city. I was fine until I reached a juction with a main road. I suddenly didn't know where to turn. One of the friends guided me to their house. My friend put on some music and I recognised where I had first heard it. I began to say where we had both first heard it and I woke up. The same song was playing on my television. I think that would count as lucid dreaming, bringing an external stimulus into your dream.


  1. LOL. That reminds me of a dream I had. I had fallen asleep with the TV still on. I was dreaming of taking a tour of Dracula's Castle, there was so much detail in this dream, it was so amazing. I felt like I was actually there when I had waken from the dream. Then I realized, there was a program on TV, a Tour of Dracula's Castle. I don't like falling asleep with the TV on anymore. Afraid of what's going to show up in my dreams. LOL.

  2. It sounds as though you were on the verge of a lucid dream. When you 'wake up' in your dream and realize that you are dreaming as you lie and think about it, that is when you are truly lucid.

    The feeling is the same as when you look back (when awake) at a dream and realize how silly it was. That realization happens within the dream itself.

    I've been LD'ing for 25 years. It's great.


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