Monday, 9 February 2009

This is a momentous moment. My first propper blog post. I am feeling really groggy this morning despite one cup of coffee. It is not quite 5.30am. I haven't slept well in years but it is getting tiresome. I started last week to Twitter away rather that watch repetetive Breakfast news. It has woken up my mood swings and I feel better for it. I have to be wary of the tendency to hypomania. That's the productive period before a true mania. I am on medication so I feel relatively secure.


  1. yay - welcome to blogging - looking forward to more. Have followed you - feel free to check my blog out (not much there yet either ;>)

  2. I'm jumping on the bandwagon here. We gotta stick together:)I have a couple blogs, the cooking one is temporarily abandoned, squidoozie is my squidoo blog, and I am considering a regulatr " this is what I'm thinking" blog hmmmmm. Glad you like twitter, I do too!


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