Monday, 9 February 2009

My story

I have been writing my story for what seems like ages. Luckily I kept some of my writings in my computer. This has saved me digging into my old brain. I started writing on Squidoo but it quickly became too big too handle. Two lenses later, I reverted to Word. My two lenses are bipolar-777 and bipolar-778 . It is written straight from a hypomanic brain for the most part. I know writing is re-writing, as my wife kept telling me. I am going to put a book together. I have wanted to do it for years. I was blocked in 1994 by a particularly bad period but I seem to have got past it. It is slow going but I think it will be a cathartic experience. I have shared my story to date with a couple of people, one who is familiar with bipolar and one who has no experience of it. I plan to write now to completion and rewrite ad nauseam. I have already received some pointers to useful websites about getting published, finding an editor etc. I may not be the best writer in the world but I have a flair for recall and a good insight. Hopefully I can help some people avoid some of my pitfalls.

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  1. i think, as being bipolar myself, that we need to tell our story. thank you for sharing some of yours! i look forward to reading more of your blogs, if you don't mind. i too just started another blogger on blogspot, as i used to have one, but lost my password and such. and i guess i got too involved or uninvolved in other things. i wish you well with your blogging.


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