Monday, 9 February 2009

Hypomania - Curse or Benefit

Hypomania. It has been the precursor of a manic episode in my experience. This happened when I foolishly stopped taking my Lithium. It also happened at other times when I was stimulated by something good or bad. In the hypomanic state, you can be very creative. I produced some of my best work in this state. Unfortunately, I couldn't understand it when I returned to normality. The rush of hypomania can quickly give way to mania where crazy plans are made and executed. I believe that my lengthy experience of my mood swings puts me in a good place to catch hypomania early. It is dangerous to ride the elation of hypomania. It can get away from you and you are lost. I don't see anything good about mania. I never reached the realms of psychosis or religious delusions but I was truly lost.


  1. I tend to teeter on the edge of hypomania most of the time and it's a good place to be( I'm creative and happy and myself as I was during my best times, but when my sleep gets to less than 5 hours a night( my warning ) I quickly change something. I think it's very smart the way you handle things.

  2. I am addicted to my manias. They happen every 6 weeks or so. The rest of the time I'm terribly depressed. When I feel losly most of the time any mania is welcome.After so many years of being bipolar I've learned how not to let myself get into full mania.(well most t5he time)


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